Upcoming Fitness Events

Upcoming Fitness Events:
Aug. 5-10 -- Beach Week (yes, this counts as a fitness event!)
Sept. 8 -- Zombie Escape (5k mud run)
Nov. 17 -- Color Run Charlotte (5k color extravaganza)

Monday, July 16, 2012

No Jiggle July -- Second Week Slump

Why is the second week of something always harder than the first? Because excitement and motivation wear away quickly!

Week 2 of No Jiggle July could be the poster child for the sophomore slump. This week was hard to get moving! I'm averaging a workout every other day, but I still feel like I could step it up a little. If nothing else, I want to make sure that the time I spend actually working out is productive and intentional, not just me half-heartedly going through the motions. My weight is also up a little bit...an indication that I'm not paying as much attention to what I'm eating as I need to.

On the plus side, my favorite workout this past week occurred on Tuesday night. I ended up getting home from work too late to make that Body Combat class that I wanted to go to, but I had scheduled Tuesday as a workout day, so I knew I needed to do something! After dinner, I changed into my workout clothes (note to self: working out on the way home from work is MUCH easier than trying to get up the energy to do so after dinner!) and headed to the backyard. As best as I could, I tried to put myself through the paces in a "backyard boot camp" circuit. Basically, this involved me running around in circles (thankfully we have a big backyard), doing jumping jacks and (a few) burpees, and anything else I could think of to just move. I'm pretty sure that the hubby (and probably the neighbors!) thought I was crazy, but the dog and I had fun running around like idiots!

So with some hits and a few misses, I'm down to 2 1/2 weeks of No Jiggle July and 3 weeks until my beach trip. If you need me, I'll be at the gym...

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