Upcoming Fitness Events

Upcoming Fitness Events:
Aug. 5-10 -- Beach Week (yes, this counts as a fitness event!)
Sept. 8 -- Zombie Escape (5k mud run)
Nov. 17 -- Color Run Charlotte (5k color extravaganza)

Friday, August 3, 2012

No Jiggle July -- Final Wrap-up

Well, No Jiggle July has come to an end. Overall, I think it ended up being a good month. In the course of 31 days, I worked out 15 times, so I managed to maintain my average of every other day. I dropped about a pound (not amazing, but better than going the other way I guess) and am slightly lower than I was in body fat percentage. 

In my head, I think I was hoping for more dramatic results, but I know the reality is that it was just one month. And I do feel better than I did, so I think No Jiggle July served its purposes well. The Zombie Escape 5k obstacle course is a little over a month away. I'm still not sure quite what I was thinking when I agreed to sign up for the race, but I feel decently prepared. Well, maybe. I mean, in the course of the next month, I think I'll be reasonably ready, anyways. 

And so, July turns into August. I don't have a quirky name for this month (though maybe I should...it seemed to help!), but the mission continues. Thanks for following along on this journey!

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